Foods High in Fiber

According to the United States dietary guidelines, more fruits and vegetables is the common refrain which in this economy can put a strain on the bills that they have to pay on a monthly basis. While having fun might cost you, it looks like taking care of your health does the same thing too. (Read this article to find out more.)

One of the nutrients that you can benefit from is fiber, and you can get plenty of it when you opt for a diet rich in veggies and fruits. Of course, there are several benefits that you can obtain from eating fiber-rich but the most important benefit of them all is the ability to digest your food well apart from getting you to feel full faster, an important element to weight (and portion) control.

So here is a list of foods high in fiber:

#1: Bran, Rice, Wheat, Corn, Oat

Amongst all these commonly found foods, bran can boast of having the highest amounts of fiber and which is close to 85.6 g of fiber per 100 g in its crude form. It also works as a great addition to rye, buckwheat and oats as well.

#2: Herbs, Spices and Peppers (Dried)

Not only do these foods contain the vitamins and minerals that you need but it also contains large amounts of fiber with cinnamon containing almost 53 g of fiber per 100 g serving. Other items such as coriander, dried savory, ground oregano, cloves and the cayenne and black pepper also contain a good amount of fiber.

#3: Dark Chocolate & Cocoa Powder

While being a good source of iron and potassium, researchers have uncovered that cocoa powder gives about 33.2 g while dark chocolate gives about 16.6 g per 100 g serving.

#4: Flax and Sesame Seeds

In being an excellent source of heart healthy oils, flax seeds provide 27.3 g while sesame seeds give14 g of fiber per 100 g serving.

#5: Dry Roasted Soybeans

Known to be an excellent snack, they contain at least 17.7 g of fiber per 100 g. One thing to keep in mind is to find low sodium varieties so that you don’t lose control of your blood pressure.

(If you want to know more about the health benefits of fiber, please follow this link for more information.)

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