Foods High in Cholesterol

Blame it on the food that we eat or whatever the reason might, almost 16 percent of American adults live with high cholesterol. So why should this matter, you might ask?

You will also have to live with heart disease if this issue is left unchecked… no matter how you look at it, how you take care of yourself in your twenties and thirties will directly impact your level of health much later in Life. And we all want to live forever, don’t we?

In understanding that the body produces all the cholesterol it needs, and in consuming these foods, we tend to add way too much cholesterol to the mix by eating foods that are not wholesome.

One of the key components of avoiding heart disease amongst a host of other issues can be simply solved by avoiding or limiting foods that are high in cholesterol, while also engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

So here is a list of foods high in cholesterol:

#1: Egg Yolk

In having 1234 mg of cholesterol in 100 g, the egg yolk contains the most cholesterol you will find in any food for the same quantity.

#2: Caviar

This common spread contains at least 588 mg of cholesterol in 100 g of caviar.

#3: Liver from meat

Liver from any animal meat has large amounts of cholesterol, and contains almost 564 g of cholesterol per 100 g.

#4: Butter

Used almost everywhere, 100 g of butter contains at least 215 mg of cholesterol.

#5: Shrimp

This delightful form of seafood contains at least 195 mg of cholesterol.

#6: Fast food

As it is common knowledge, fast food for breakfast means more calories than ever, and normally these foods contain almost 172 mg of cholesterol per 100 g.

#7: Oil of Fish

Some people like to abstain from red meats, and in choosing fish, the oil of fish contains a large amount of cholesterol which is about 142 g per 100 g.

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