Foods high in Calcium

If there’s anything that’s true of the compound calcium, it is the fact that you obtain strong bones, teeth and hair among a slew of other benefits from consuming foods such as these every day. However, if you are struggling with calcium deficiency, this can pose several unwanted problems, and so, it is important to alter your daily diet so that you can include this important nutrient, and live a stronger and healthier life.

So here is a list of foods high in Calcium that you can pick from for your diet:

#1: Dried Herbs

Although these are used to add flavors to stews, soups and so on and so forth, adding a little more can ensure that you get your daily requirement of Calcium. For example, dried savory contains 2132 mg of calcium per 100 g serving while celery seed and dried thyme are at 124 mg and 57 mg per 100 g serving.

#2: Cheese

When it comes to cheese, since there are several varieties of this food, the amount of calcium found in these varieties differ. For example, Parmesan cheese contains at least 1376 mg per 100 g serving while Romano and Gruyere contain at least 298 and 283 mg per ounce. Other cheese such as Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone and Mozzarella contain at least 212 mg of Calcium per ounce.

#3: Sesame Seeds

In its dried or roasted form, sesame seeds contain at least 989 mg of calcium per 100 g serving while Sesame butter provides at least half that amount (about 426 mg) per 100 g serving.

#4: Tofu

If you don’t know what Tofu is, you’ll find it used a lot in Chinese food these days, and is said to be a rich source of calcium as it provides almost 372 mg per 100 g serving. Interestingly, when tofu is prepared with calcium sulfate, you can get much higher levels of calcium than usual.


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