Exercise Ball Push ups

Exercise Ball Push ups are just like the standard push ups except that they are done with your legs on an exercise ball. This exercise targets the lower chest and with some variation thrown in can even strengthen your core. Balancing your legs/feet on the ball can take some getting used to, but you will get the hang of it quickly enough.

Exercise (Swiss) Ball

Before you try this advanced form of pushups, you must be able to perform normal pushups easily. Place your feet on the exercise (Swiss) ball as described in the figure. Select a comfortable hand width that you would normally use to execute normal pushups.

Exercise Ball Push Ups

Step 1 – Keeping your legs on the exercise (Swiss) ball, perform push ups as you would when executing normal pushups with no elevation.
Step 2 – Perform this exercise for as many repetitions as possible until you cannot do anymore or based on your trainer’s recommendations.

1. Whatever you do, don’t hold your breath for any kind training but always take a deep breath before executing each repetition of the exercise.
2. Keep your back straight when you are executing this exercise.
3. You can vary the hand widths as you get more and more comfortable with this exercise where maintaining your balance will play a major role.

You can also add variation to the standard exercise ball push up by moving your legs around during the period between push ups. Here is a video that demonstrates what the push up looks like along with some variation thrown in:

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