Escalating Density Training Review

Escalating Density Training or EDT is a new approach to gym training by Charles Staley. This approach is based on the basic theory that you should strive to increase the number of repetitions in each of the 15-minute exercising bouts, i.e. in each of the successive workout phases. This approach is based on the principles of progressive overload or what is also referred to as doing supersets that are used by serious gym-goers.

Understanding Escalating Density Training
Though Escalating Density Training does talk about progressively increasing the number of reps, it consciously stays away from over-training or training until failure. Please note that many bodybuilders swear by the virtues of training until failure, i.e. they do countless reps until they cannot squeeze out a single rep. This is how most bodybuilders seek to gain mass gains. For instance, EDT does emphasize upon pure bodyweight exercises like push-ups and maximum reps with squat jumps. However, it says that the reps should be maximized during alternating sets to avoid burnout or entering the train-until-failure phase. This means more rest between sets, helping you gear-up mentally and physically for the next set of increased reps.

What are the credentials of Charles Staley?
Charles Staley has been actively involved in teaching and coaching in the niche of fitness and physical training arena since 1983. His portfolio includes a degree in Sociology of Sport that he earned from the State University of New York. He has trained many athletes over the last, two decades including many well-known MMA athletes apart from Olympic-level athletes and winter-sport participants. His training wisdom has been sought by bob-sleigh participants to Olympic weightlifters apart from golfers and powerlifters.

What is impressive about the Escalating Density Training?
EDT makes it simple to exercise by minimizing the rule and making the regime easy to follow. Escalating Density Training offers greater flexibility in the sense that it can be used for weightlifting, power-lifting or bodyweight training. This is because it uses a simple way of maximizing reps and increasing muscle gains. The progressive overload approach to exercising is aimed at working the muscles much harder during each of the subsequent workout sessions which ensure that muscle loss due to over-training is avoided and muscle gains are visible, sooner.

What is not impressive about Escalating Density Training?
During the initial phase of trying EDT, you are bound to feel a bit relaxed and might feel as if you are really not pushing yourself hard enough. This is because you are performing low reps exercises and that too with lighter weights. In EDT, it takes time to reach that level wherein you find it difficult to complete your reps—this might seem like wasting your time, especially if you are looking for massive gains. However, the fact remains that during the latter phase of EDT, you recover more in terms of squeezing out more reps and the small breaks means that you can increase your load according to your preferences.

Is Escalating Density Training effective?
The progressive overload approach is aimed at forcing your muscles into becoming bigger, helping you increase muscle mass without pushing yourself too hard. However, you cannot expect to become leaner and fitter by religiously following this regimen. The workout demands here include 15-minute bouts of exercising hard that can be done at your home or the gym. Yes, Supersets as per the EDT approach are a bit less challenging than traditional supersets but as efficient. When combined with a good, complementary diet, results of EDT can be hard to ignore.

Who should try the Escalating Density Training program?
If you are seeking to increase your strength along with building muscles and seeking a way to minimize chances of gym burnout, EDT might be the best of programs currently available. However, if you want to stick to the traditional concept of bulking-up, EDT might not be the best choice for you. EDT is an effective program for all levels of exercisers, i.e. beginners and the more experienced gym-regulars.

Escalating Density Training is ideal for anyone who is hard-pressed for time and seeking to make faster gains in the gym. It is not a short-cut towards developing muscles but it does help you to cut down on your workout time and still gain reasonably impressive results.

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