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Your stomach is actually quite a simple machine when it comes to hunger. If it’s empty you feel hunger and if it’s full you feel satiated. As far as your stomach is concerned, it’s not actually that important what it is being filled with. Therefore, if you’ve ever wondered does drinking water stop hunger, the answer is yes, or at least mostly yes. Read our article below to find out more about this heavily discussed dieting topic.

When your stomach reaches a certain size, it sends signals to the brain, which activates certain ion channels associated with the release of chemicals that we associate with feelings of being full. This is where the importance of water in diet comes in. If you can get into the habit of drinking two glasses of water before every meal, you will find that you do not need to eat as much, because there simply isn’t enough capacity in your stomach. So how does water help you lose weight? Easy, water has virtually no calories, and as such for every litre of water you consume, you save yourself 1 kg of a substance that would most definitely be higher in calories and fat. If you are interested in how much water should you drink a day check out our article over there for in depth information.

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There is also a lot of discussion on what temperature the water should be in order to maximize benefits, and you often hear questions like does cold water make you fat. Some dietitians recommend drinking warm water to lose weight, as the increased temperature of the liquid increases circulation and aids the weight loss process. On the other hand, drinking cold water is often said to have benefits, as the body has to work harder to increase the temperature of the water in your stomach, therefore burning more calories. The truth is, it doesn’t actually matter how hot or cold the water is, as long as you drink enough of it. Daily recommendations are 3 liters for men and 2.2 for women.

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