Dining out on a Diet

If you are on a diet, and are struggling to figure out what to eat when you go out, keep reading for my strategies on dining out on a diet. These will help you make it through events, dinners and parties and still maintain close or strict adherence to whatever diet plan you are on:

When dining out, unless it is the rare occasion where there is no planning involved, always do your homework. If you are going to a restaurant to eat, look at their menu in advance and select meals that are diet friendly. Almost every restaurant (aside from Fast Food chains) will have items on the menu that are either low-fat or low calorie or can be made so with a few changes.

Don’t be afraid to ask for changes when you order. If grilled chicken and mash are on the menu, ask the waiter to replace the mash with some mixed vegetables or just a simple plain salad. Substitutions can be made anywhere for any meal. Some restaurants even cook with a different oil if you ask them to.

If the venue hasn’t been decided, then pick cuisines that have food that serve food that you can eat on the diet. Mexican is always good for those on the slow carb diet, while sashimi can be good for low carb and high protein meals, though beware that the calories in sushi can be quite high if you order the wrong items. And as I mentioned above, substitutions can make a lot of meals diet friendly.

Another strategy is to fill up on foods rich in fiber and protein. They will keep you satiated for longer and if consumed a little prior to going out, you are likely to eat less and suffer less temptation.

There are some things to avoid when eating out: They are foods with gravies, cream sauces, au gratin etc. know what you are eating before you do. General restaurant buzzwords can mean something completely different to what you think it might be. Do your research and be prepared.

Avoid large meals like Buffets. Psychologically it is very difficult to avoid eating more when there is more choice available. Studies have shown that the amount of eaten increases with the amount and variety of food available. Once again, less is more.

What you do, don’t control your food choices and then drink your calories. When it comes to drinking out, have a look at this post on low calorie alcoholic drinks. But if it is non-alcoholic beverages you are looking for, try a diet soda. If diet soda’s are not your thing, lime juice without sugar or plain black coffee should be your staple. It does take some getting used to but once you do, its the perfect drink for any meal.

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