Diet Soda and your Health

We all know that drinking regular soda will pile on the calories. But a new report says diet soda may be just as bad for us, speaking in terms of weight loss. The website has reported on research that “artificial sweeteners in soda may interfere with your body’s ability to estimate how many calories you’ve ingested, so you eat more than you need.” Studying rats, animals that ate fake sugar consumed more calories overall and gained weight, compared to those that didn’t eat artificially sweetened treats.

Says Self editor-in-chief Lucy Danziger: For every diet soda you sip daily, your risk of becoming overweight can rise by 37 percent, according to the researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. This is bad news for those of us who have replaced drinking normal sodas with diet sodas thinking that they are an adequate replacement. While diet sodas may not be unhealthy they are obviously not as good as we thought they were. So as a general rule of thumb try to avoid all forms of soda, diet or otherwise.

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