Decline Barbell Bench Press

The Decline Barbell Bench Press is very similar to the standard flat bench press. While it essentially works out the same muscle groups, it places most of the emphasis on your lower chest. This is usually done in conjunction with the flat bench press and inclined bench press to work out upper mid and lower areas of the chest.

Free weight decline bench or bench press machine, Barbell (with suitable weights)

As described in the figure, lie on your back using the free weight decline bench press machine with feet under leg brace provided, and hold the barbell with a grip that is slightly more than shoulder width apart.

Step 1 – Keeping the same grip, take the barbell off the rack, and in a slow and controlled motion, lower it to your chest.
Step 2 – Press the bar back to the start position quickly.
Step 3 – Repeat Step 1 & Step 2 for as many repetitions as possible until you cannot do anymore or based on your trainer’s recommendations.

1. To prevent injury, always use a spotter (an assistant) for any weight training exercise, in the event it gets too much for you they can help you put the bar back in the stored position.
2. Remember, the downward motion should be slow while the taking the bar back to its original position needs to be executed more aggressively.
3. Whatever you do, do not hold your breath for any kind of weight training but always take a deep breath before executing each repetition of the exercise.
4. Remember to not use a grip that is too wide but only a bit more than shoulder width.

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