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Here’s another workout in my series on celebrity workouts. This is the Daniel Craig workout done for the James Bond movie Casino Royale, I wanted to put the workout for Quantum of Solace as well but unfortunately there have been no details out in interviews or anything like that. The only thing we know is that after Casino Royale Daniel Craig basically slacked off and stopped working out and had to do it all over again for the new movie.

This workout and series of exercises was supervised by Daniel Craigs’ personal trainer for the film, Simon Waterson known for training Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richards and Halle Berry as well.

The Workout

Basically you lower your body until your elbows reach a 90 degree angle, this is one repetition.
When you can do 5 sets of ten add some weights to your waist keep going.

Pull Ups
One of the hardest exercise routines because of the amount back, arm and shoulder strength required for it. If you struggle initially just start with half repetitions, getting some assistance from a chair etc. But do as many as you can and keep pushing.

Lateral Raises
Don’t keep the arms directly straight and by your side. To avoid too much pressure on the rotator cuff
just bend arms at the elbow and have them face forward slightly.

Press Ups
An exercise to build muscle in the upper body, can be done anytime, just remember not to lock out the elbows .

In his own words, here’s what Daniel Craig had to say about his James Bond workout:

“I gave up smoking and exercised 5 times a week. At weekends I ate and drank what I liked.
The work out lasted only 45 minutes but we didn’t stop. Circuits, lifting, working weights and lots of pull ups. I can now bench press my own weight.

I told my personal trainer, Simon Waterson, I’ve got to look like I could kill someone when I take my shirt off”

And boy was that a success. Hope you found the workout useful, its one of the most upfront workouts I’ve seen and it will take some hard work. When i get my hands on a workout he did for Quantum of Solace, I’ll put it up.

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