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chinese-foodThere was an interesting theory going around at one point that Chinese food was not high in calories and was quite healthy. I think this came about because everyone saw that Chinese people were pretty skinny and believed that this was because of the food. The fact is, the Chinese food we eat in our restaurants has very little in common with the food in china. Our local Chinese food calories are clearly much higher than proper authentic Chinese, and in addition to the preparation and the ingredients, another factor that plays into the equation is how the food is eaten.

We tend to eat with forks and spoons, unlike the Chinese, who almost always eat with chopsticks, this means that we get a lot more of the sauce on our food when we eat. This is not an issue if you do eat with chopsticks, but there is a significant amount of extra sauce that you consume when you use a spoon and this can elevate the amount of calories consumed. Another way to minimize the calories, is to order more vegetable dishes. These tend to be lower on the calorie scale and they are either steamed or stir fried so there is a higher chance of the nutrients still being intact. Choose steamed rice over fried rice as it can contain almost half the calories.

I have put together the calorie counts of some of the more popular chinese foods:

Black Pepper Chicken 5.5 oz. 180 90
Orange Flavored Chicken 5.5 oz. 480 190
Chicken with Mushrooms 5.5 oz. 130 60
Chicken with String Beans 5.5 oz. 170 70
Spicy Chicken with Peanuts 5.5 oz. 200 60
Mandarin Chicken 5.5 oz. 250 80
Chicken with Potato 5.5 oz. 220 100
Sweet & Sour Chicken 4 oz 310 130
Beef with Broccoli 5.5 oz. 150 70
Beef with String Beans 5.5 oz. 170 80
Sweet & Sour Pork 4 oz. 410 270
BBQ Pork 4.5 oz. 350 170
Mixed Vegetables 5.5 oz. 70 30
String Beans with Fried Tofu 5.5 oz. 180 100
Vegetable Fried Rice 8 oz. 390 110
Steamed Rice 8 oz. 330 0
Vegetable Chow Mein 8 oz. 330 100
Fried Shrimp 6 pcs. 100g 260 110
Veggie Spring Roll 1.7 oz. 80 20
Chicken Egg Roll 3 oz. 190 70
Mandarin Sauce 1.5 oz 70 0
Sweet & Sour Sauce 1.5 oz 60 0
Soy Sauce 1 Tbsp. 16 0
Hot Mustard Sauce 9 g 18 0
Hot Sauce 2 Tsp. 7 g 10 5

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