Cheat Your Way Thin Review

Cheat Your Way Thin is a popular diet program that insists upon achieving weight loss by creating a smart cheating system wherein some days of the week are allowed for indulgence.

Understanding Cheat Your Way Thin

One day in a week is reserved for eating whatever you want to, i.e. without any restrictions. This means that for all the hunger pangs felt throughout the day due to dieting and by restricting yourself, you have one day for rewarding yourself. This is also interpreted as a system of cheating or essentially, ensuring that your psyche doesn’t develop any major withdrawal symptoms. By having one cheat day, the dieter can look forward to eating his favored foods on a forthcoming day and thus, has motivation to carry on with his dieting goals for the rest of the week’s days.

Who is the creator of Cheat Your Way Thin?

Joel Marion is credited with conceptualizing Cheat Your Way Thin but through an accident. Like many of us, he was on a severely restrictive diet that eventually led to fighting temptation to eat for days and patterns of binging. He eventually realized that what mattered most was reducing the total calorie intake over a period. Thus, if that meant a bump dent in the calorie chart due to indulging for one day, the overall goal of losing weight was still met. It took Marion nearly six years of research for developing an approach based on this thinking that actually delivered. Joel is not new to the fitness niche and he is a widely-published author who even appeared on popular networks like ABC, NBC and CBS apart from making appearances in magazines like Men’s Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Oxygen, MuscleMag International, Muscle & Fitness Hers and Clean Eating.

What impresses the most about Cheat Your Way Thin?

Cheat Your Way Thin seems to have all the answers when it comes to facing challenges associated with conventional dieting methods. It is a perfect tool for accomplishing long term weight-loss. This approach realizes that totally giving-up on one’s favorite foods that are invariably calorie-rich isn’t the most natural and practical way to lose fat. It allows to cycle different kinds of foods, such as eating low carbohydrate foods on some days and low GI foods on other days. This approach ensures that the dieter gets to eat some bit of every food group and still achieve weight reduction over a longer period.

What doesn’t impress about Cheat Your Way Thin?

The only limiting factor about the Cheat Your Way Thin approach is that it defines what should be the cheat days. These are not flexible and thus, some degree of rigidity does seep in. This might make it rather challenging for those who have a history of binging but overall, this approach seems to have most of the answers for those who have struggled with their dieting in the past.

Is the Cheat Your Way Thin Approach Effective?

What works best for this diet plan is that it tends to involve foods of all types apart from creating room for some degree of guilt-free indulgence. This helps to accomplish many goals. For starters, the binging patterns are addressed, the nutrition quotient is not compromised and a structured weekly eating plan is established. This ensures that severe hormonal changes in the body such as Leptin hormone deficiency are not created and the side-effects of dieting are neutralized. This also ensures a more robust, calorie-burning metabolism.

Who is the ‘Cheat Your Way Thin’ program meant for?

Anyone who has failed with a severely calorie-restrictive dieting regimen should try the Cheat Your Way Thin approach at least one. Firstly, it is bound to make the dieter feel more liberated, at ease and a bit motivated in terms of eating less throughout the week since there is the lure of the ‘cheat day’.


Cheat Your Way Thin is not like the usual dieting fads that seem to surface every season and then vanish without a trace. The approach is rather simple to understand, is suitable for all age-groups, makes sense for all body types and doesn’t make life difficult, helping to blast through fat-lass plateau that you might have hit lately.

Anything Goes Diet Review

The Anything Goes Diet is being touted as one of the most effective long-term solutions for sustained weight-loss. This dieting approach is a lot different from the conventional dieting methods. Instead of preaching how to give-up favorite foods or replace them, The Anything Goes Diet stresses more upon losing weight with minimally sacrificing the foods you love the most.

Understanding Anything Goes Diet

You might have noticed that most diet plans are essentially calorie-restrictive regimens that are destined to fail since they cannot sustain the intensity of the dieter. Now, John Barban recognized this basic problem and developed a new approach that teaches people how to establish a caloric deficit over a period and then, building a number of calorie deficits that eventually, total-up in the form of long-term weight loss.

What are the John Barban’s credentials?

John Barban is a sports supplement researcher who is also well versed in the niche of dietary requirements apart from being a former physical conditioning coach. He is also credited with authoring the book, ‘Adonis Effect and Venus Index’. He has been credited with assisting Brad Pilon’s new dieting regimen, ‘Eat Stop Eat’ apart from his book, ‘How Much Protein’.

What is good about the Anything Goes Diet?

Anything Goes Diet isn’t as demanding as some of the other dietary plans. It is based on basic human psychology. Instead of concentrating upon a particular kind of diet, it has been scientifically designed to provide tools for configuring one’s own diet plan along with following some simple rules. This approach solves the problems that are associated with off-and-on kind of dieting. It takes its inspiration from the psychology behind overeating and what defeats most dieting plans. Apart from the dieting patterns, this also covers information about macronutrients and explains many principles associated with sustained weight-loss. The best part about this approach is that it is suited for those seeking significant weight loss and even those who are seeking just to tone-up, irrespective of their lifestyle choices.

What are the negatives about the Anything Goes Diet approach?

To be honest, there isn’t anything outright wrong with Anything Goes Diet but then again, it is a dieting plan and does require some degree of self control. The initial results are a bit slower than its counterparts but then Anything Goes Diet ensures more sustainable results. John Barban himself lost nearly 30 pounds using this approach and its’ effectiveness is not questionable. Many other people have already vowed by the overall ease and efficiency of this dieting regimen.

Who is best suited for Anything Goes Diet?

People who are ready to lose their excess weight in a slightly slower but sustainable manner are ideal candidates for Anything Goes Diet. Those who are seeking drastic and immediate results might be a bit disappointed. People who can combine some training along with Anything Goes Diet can look forward to very impressive weight-loss results.

This is not just another fad diet and its results are based on lots of positive feedback from real-life folks who have tried, tested and benefited from Anything Goes Diet. This is the complete manual for those who are seeking long-term, gradual and safe weight loss.

Eat Stop Eat Review

Eat Stop Eat is a contemporary intermittent fasting diet regimen that aims to burn more fat and preserve muscle. This dieting regimen has surfaced because of a common conundrum faced by many dieters, i.e. they tend to lose their lean muscle mass when dieting.

What is this dieting program about?

The dieting program involves a complete day of fasting, i.e. for 24 hours, that is done for one to two days in a week on a non-consecutive basis. This means that none of the dieting days are combined together. This translates into missing two proper meals, every other day. There are minimal restrictions here. The regular meals can be eaten before and after the fasting period, and there is no need to compensate for the fasting period. Besides this, the program doesn’t preach many guidelines in terms of what foods should be eaten or how they should be chosen based upon their nutritional value. Yes, the Eat Stop Eat programs insists upon more resistance training for preserving muscle mass but doesn’t specify what kind of workouts are best suited for its followers. Most likely because different things work for different people and at the end of the day, what matters the most is your diet.

Who is Brad Pilon?

Brad Pilon is a renowned name in the niche of dieting and physical training plans. He has a master’s degree in Human Nutrition. Further, he is also certified as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He is the brains behind the Eat Stop Eat program and he has trademarked the same. This dieting format has a large presence online and it has also been featured on national television. The overall feedback says that this program does work and so far, it has helped thousands of people lose more fat while gaining muscle, making it easier for them to be at peace with their eating patterns and meet their fitness targets. Brad’s core specialty lies in using an undemanding approach for muscle-growth that is blended with long-term weight loss. Brad also understands nutrition and has authored the book, ‘How Much Protein’.

What is likely to attract you to Eat Stop Eat?

Eat Stop Eat uses a scientific approach to ensure that all apprehensions about its integrity are dispelled. This is mainly because it combines burning calories without compromising the muscle-gain aspect. The fasting pattern ensures that the insulin levels are controlled and the HGH levels are maintained. Further, this program helps to create a calorie deficit on a weekly basis that is recommended for sustainable weight loss results.

Is everything about Eat Stop Eat impressive?

Eat Stop Eat does lack in some areas. For instance, it doesn’t really explain why fasting for only one or two days in a week is better than fasting every, alternate day. Further, it takes some time for the results to surface since the fasting is limited and without any particular, nutritional specifications.

Is Eat Stop Eat really effective?

The best way to answer this question would be saying a big, ‘Yes’. The simplicity of the program makes it very easy to adjust to and the results become visible when even the stubborn fat over the abs starts melting away. Losing fat without losing muscle is perhaps the dream of every person trying to shape-up. Once you get used to the regimen, the fasting part becomes undemanding, making it more lifestyle-friendly.

I did a single week trial of intermittent fasting, and can definitely say that there was definite fat loss after just a nine day trial.

Who are ideal for trying Eat Stop Eat?

All those folks who have been struggling to find a way of gaining more muscle without adding to their waistline or those who are on a fat-cutting track but are scared that they might lose their hard-earned muscle mass are ideal candidates for this dieting program. Eat Stop Eat is meant for everyone who wants a leaner, more athletic body through reducing his or hers’ gym time.


Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon is simple and effective to the core and cuts across the hassles associated with usual dieting and muscle-gain programs. It doesn’t lay down any major food restrictions and following it over a long period is practical, making it a long-term fitness solution. Personally speaking I really did enjoy the fasting periods.

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