Can Vegetarians be Bodybuilders?

The short answer is yes. Vegetarians that eat dairy products and beans will get all the necessary protein and vitamins they require to build muscle. Contrary to the classic image of a bodybuilder’s diet, you do not need to eat copious amounts of meat to get results. In fact this could be damaging as you are also getting huge amounts of cholesterol and animal fat. Vegetarians get all the same benefits as meat eaters, but only a fraction of the calories. It should be noted that this does not apply to vegans – people who eat no animal products whatsoever, including eggs and milk. Vegans will not be able to build muscle as vegetarians or meat eaters, as their diet is lacking in the necessary protein.

Can Vegetarians be Bodybuilders

The protein quantity and quality in egg whites and low fat milk are actually higher than those in meat and chicken. So as long as you make sure to consume sufficient protein, regardless of the source, at regular intervals throughout the day you will achieve the same results whether or not you eat meat. The only non-vegetarian food that is unbeatable in terms of protein to calorie content is tuna. One tin will give you enough protein for one of your five meals a day, but only a third of the necessary calories.

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