Calories in Tofu

Recently i’ve learned to really like tofu, not only do i like the taste but its very healthy and has good protein content. Tofu itself is a complete vegetable protein food product made from soya milk and soy beans and also known in some places as Bean Curd, which is the literal translation of the word Tofu. A lot of people including vegetarians, athletes, dieters have realized its many benefits and have been increasingly using it in their diets to aid weight loss etc. The calories in tofu are very low, that is 73calories per 100g of tofu. From these 73 calories, 33 calories come from fat. Please remember that this number can go up based on the preparation, like for example, fried tofu would have more calories. In addition to the calories tofu also comes with 5g of fat and 6.5g of protein. Tofu also has very high water and very low sodium content which makes it very popular for various weight loss diets. I really suggest you make it a part of your diet if you haven’t already.

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