Calories in Steak

The number of calories in steak are listed below per potion sizes of 100 grams. The actual calories in the steaks can vary between different individuals and products purchased. Steak calories like the calories in pork can be high due to high fat and protein content. To keep steak calories low try selecting the leanest cuts, if you go to a butcher you can always get some very lean cuts.

Steak Calories Fat
Fillet Steak (grilled) 210 6g
Rump Steak with fat (grilled) 220 12g
Rump Steak with fat (fried) 250 14g
Rump Steak lean only (grilled) 170 6g
Rump Steak lean only (fried) 192 8g
Silverside (boiled) 240 14g
Silverside lean only (boiled) 179 5g
Sirloin (roast) 280 21g
Sirloin lean only (roast) 204 10g
Stewing Steak 225 11g
Topside (roast) 219 12g
Topside lean only (roast) 160 5g

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