The Calories in Salsa

untitled-1This post is in response to a question I received recently from a reader, Andy Mason, on the amount of calories in Salsa.

The issue is that when it comes to salsa, there are so many different varieties and brands that it would take too long and too much space to cover them all. Assuming that the salsa that you eat does not have nutritional information on the label, I have located what the industry contends is the average. This average has been calculated over different types of salsa and represents the best approximation we can hope to get without becoming brand specific.

Note that this figure excludes anything other than the salsa, and as salsa is usually eaten with corn chips or other snacks, those tend to be the primary source of the calories and not the salsa itself.


Calorie count:

  • Quantity – 65g (1/4 Cup)
  • Calories – 22 calories

Average nutrient value:

  • Sodium – 439 mg
  • vitamin B6 – 114 microg
  • vitamin A – 317 IU

(averaged over different types of salsa)

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