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pizzaI love eating Pizza and in a lot of cases pizza is the easiest fast food to get, one phone call and its delivered, cheap,tasty and value for money. What about the calories in pizza? I cringed recently when I had to eat some but that was more because I didn’t know how much damage the calories in the pizza was doing. I created a table (which you can see below) which shows the average calorie counts for specific types of pizza.

The pizza calories are calculated for their average size, roughly about a 9 inch pizza in most cases. Some are common items ordered from pizza delivery companies and a few are from supermarkets bought as frozen products. Remember frozen pizzas bought at supermarkets tend to be cheaper, they often have more weight in the base and less weight in toppings resulting in a little less calories. So those are usually better to aim for. Remember these calories are per pizza and not per slice.

I’ll be doing a series on the calories from eating at fast food chains, during which I’ll be covering the likes of Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns etc.

Capricciosa Pizza Express 900
Cheese & Tomato 780
Four Seasons Pizza 900
Ham & Mushroom frozen 600
Ham & Pineapple frozen 580
Italian Pizza frozen 880
Margherita Pizza 780
Marinara 700
Mushroom Pizza 690
Mushroom Pizza small 500
Napoletana Pizza 800
Pepperoni, cheese & tomato St Micheal 1040
Tomato, cheese & ham St Michael 960
Marietta’s Tom & cheese snack pizza 5in 220
Special Pizza Marietta’s 7in 600
Veneziana Pizza 760

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  1. John Hockley says:

    Here’s the thing: Pizza is full of carbs and dairy which amounts for most of the caloric intake. It’s a great way to store energy which is why you always hear about marathon runners eating up to a 5000 calories of Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta. If by chance you’re not eating to store up for such an event, it’ll just sit there along with other fatty or greasy foods that you come across. It certainly does send a message if you abuse eating it. I suggest trying a gluten-free slice. You’ll realize that the taste is comparable and up to 50% less calories.

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