Calories in an Orange

The calories in an orange and other related products are listed below. The edible part of an orange can be up to 85% water and therefore very low in calories. I have also listed out the calories in orange juices as well for reference. Though for more accuracy consult the nutrition label on the back of your orange juice carton. When it comes to juices, fresh juices are better than the carton variety. In addition, an Orange is an excellent source of vitamin C, an anti-oxidant which helps mop up free radicals in the blood. Free radicals have been shown to speed up the aging process.
calories in an orange

Orange Calories weight
Orange Average 37 calories 100g
Clementine 25 88g
Satsumas 35 calories 95g
Mandarin orange 32 calories 100g
Jaffa small 25 99g
Jaffa Orange one large 100 calories 350g
Orange juices
Britvic 43 calories 100ml
Sweetened 55 calories 100ml
Unsweetened 40 calories 100ml
Dairy orange juice 43 calories 100ml
Orange Crush low cal St Michael 4 calories 100ml
Hi C Coca Cola 45 calories 100ml
Jaffa orange St Michael 30 calories 100ml
Bitter orange Hunts 3 calories 100ml
Libby’s unsweetened 32 calories 100ml
Heinz 50 calories 100ml
Waitrose 40 calories 100ml


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