Calories In Nuts

The table below shows the calorie content of different kinds and types of nuts per 100 grams (3.5 oz). In any type of food It is difficult to accurately determine the calorie content per portion as size differs between individuals and products, so the following numbers are only an estimate that you can use if calculating a your calorie intake.

Nuts are a valuable source of protein, fiber and essential oils however, to keep nut calories low, only a small handful should be consumed and less frequently, usually around an ounce and in some cases just a maximum of 30 nuts would be enough. People with an allergy to nuts should always avoid nuts and products containing nuts, the nutrients present in nut calories can easily be found in other sources lower in calories and fat. Nuts are perfect for a mid afternoon snack between lunch and dinner.

Most natural nuts such as almonds, brazil, cashew and hazelnuts, are high in the mineral magnesium. This can be in short supply as we age. A lack of magnesium may lead to ailments like low energy, weak muscles and tiredness. Most nuts are a good source of vitamin E, which can be great for improving skin. However, the best ones to eat (in small quantities) are brazil nuts (providing you do not have a nut allergy). 

How Many Calories In Nuts


Nut type Calories Fat
Almond 610 56g
Brazils nuts 679 68g
Cashew nuts 615 50g
Chestnuts 175 3g
Coconut 626 65g
Hazelnut 659 64g
Peanuts 570 46g
Peanut Butter 630 54g
Pecan nuts 680 70g
Pine nuts 694 69g
Pistachio nuts (with shells) 340 30g
Walnuts 690 69g

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