Calories in Milk

I have never been a big fan of milk but since my diet involves making protein shakes and eating cereal with milk, I had to look at the calories in milk. The table below lists the calories content of milk per 100ml, so calculate your amount based on the amount you are going to consume. One of the great surpises in this list is that soy milk comes in with 35 calories for 100ml.

Milks Calories Fat
Milk skimmed (pasteurised) 34 0.1g
Semi-skimmed 47 1.6g
Whole milk full fat 66 3.9g
Condensed Milk whole 320 9.5g
Dried skimmed milk 360 0.6g
Evaporated milk whole 155 9g
Goats milk 62 3.5g
Sheeps milk 99 6g
Soya milk 35 2g
Creams (pasteurised) Calories  
Half cream fresh 150 13g
Single cream 200 19g
Soured cream 209 20g
Whipping cream 370 40g
Double cream 450 49g
Clotted cream 590 62g
Cheese Calories 400 36g

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