Calories In Grapes

One of the best fruits to use as a snack replacement are grapes, true they are not going to give you any protein but if you are just hungry, any diet can be wrecked by snacking on the wrong kind of food. This is where grapes come in, you dont have to worry too much about the amount of calories in grapes, just 100g of grapes will put you back about 60 calories, which is not much. That is just an estimate of the calories in grapes and it can vary from red to green or even on where it is from, but you wont find much of a variation. So the next time you are thinking about a quick snack, keep your calorie count and snack on some grapes.

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  1. Ms. Jax says:

    is it okay to eat a lot of grapes I’m talking 2-4 pounds a day, yes I did loss some pound but I go to the bathroom a lot and the docter said that they was good for me and to eat all I want

  2. kahthan says:

    @Ms. Jax

    Well too much of anything is not a good idea, while you can have a lot of grapes eventually the calories from them will add up. It depends on what you’re trying to get done. Are you eating them for weight loss?

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