Calories In Chicken

The table below shows the calorie content of chicken per 150 grams (5 oz), it is listed by the different methods of cooking. In any type of food It is difficult to accurately determine the calorie content per portion as size differs between individuals and products, so the following numbers are only an estimate that you can use if calculating a your calorie intake.

How Many Calories In Chicken

┬áChicken Breast skinless – Boiled 230 cals 7.5 grams
- roasted with little oil 255 10g
- grilled using Lean Grilling Machine 215 6g
- deep fried 300 15g
Chicken Leg + bone, no skin – boiled 180 6g
- roasted with oil 215 7.5g
- grilled using machine 184 3g
- deep fried 255 12g
Chicken Wing + bones with skin – boiled 249 8.5
- roasted with little oil 265 11g
- grilled using machine 229 7g
- deep fried 315 17g
Breast with breadcrumbs, fried 362 19g
Fried in batter 350 18g

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