Calories in Chicken Breast


This post is in response to a question I received recently from a reader, Shannon Morrison, on the calories in chicken breast.

Actually I have had a lot of requests and notes suggesting that I create a separate post. Although I could just direct a visitor to the post on the calories in chicken (or the calories in meat), I am writing this post hoping that it could be found directly from a search engine or another blog.

Chicken breasts, if taken alone have a calorie count of approximately 230 calories when boiled and 255 calories when fried in oil. The numbers start to get worse when the chicken breast is deep fried, resulting in approximate 300 calories per breast. When fried with breadcrumbs, the calories in chicken breast start to rise even more at approximately 366 calories, most likely because the crumbs retain a measure of oil and fat. While we can’t be expected to eat boiled chicken to cut down on the calories, this should help you factor in how much damage your doing and what you can do reduce your calories to stay with your daily intake.

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