Calories in Cereal

What do you have for breakfast? Are you a morning or evening cereal person? Well here are the list of calories in cereal for you cereal lovers. While there are a lot of good healthy cereals out there, there are also a lot of bad unhealthy ones with a lot of refined sugar etc as well. So in addition to this list, have a close look at the nutrition label on your on cereal box before you buy.

When calculating the totals, don’t forget to also count the calories in milk as well. So look at the potion of cereal and the quantity of milk and calculate the total calories for both.

Breakfast Cereals Calories
All Bran 265
Alpen 375
Bran Buds 275
Bran Fare 232
Bran Flakes 360
Cornflakes 353
Coco Pops 380
Crunchy Bran 225
Crunchy nut cornflakes 382
Frosties 360
Honey Smacks 353
Hot Bran 328
Muesli (average) 378
Oatmeal 407
Porridge Oats 405
Rice Krispies 357
Shredded Wheat 324
Special K 356
Sugar Puffs 362
Weetabix 357

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