Calories in Butter

Listed below are the calories in butter. The figures below are listed for a quantity of 100g. Now usually you wouldnt use that much butter for something like a sandwich so approximate based on the amount you used. These numbers are for comparison purposes and if you want more accuracy then I would have a look at the specific brand you of butter you purchase, the calories should be written on the label.

Butter 740
Margarine average 740
Margarine with veg fat 740
Margarine animal & veg fat 740
Very low fat spread average 290
Outline low fat 415
Golden Churn 530
St Ivel Gold 510
St Ivel Shape 430
Kerrygold 450
Coconut oil 900
Cod Liver oil 900
Olive oil 900
Safflower oil 900
Soya oil 900
Sunflower seed oil 900
Vegetable oil 900

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