Calories in Bread

Ever wondered how many calories there are in the bread you eat, as part of your sandwiches or just as plain buns. I have listed the calories in bread in the list below, they are shown per weight of 100 grams. An average slice weighs about 40 grams (1.5 oz) but some slices can be up to 70 grams in weight depending on the bread.

Most bread calories come from carbs, for example in white bread, carbohydrates come from refined flour, the calories are absorbed more rapidly than in brown or wholemeal breads. Brown bread calories are absorbed slower due to the much higher fiber levels. High fiber foods contain just as many calories however, the fiber fills up the stomach quicker so we tend to eat less food.

If like me a lot of your meals are sandwich and therefore bread based, then this list of calories will give you a right guide to calculate how many calories your sandwiches take.

Bread Type Calories slice Calories 100g Fat 100g
Average Brown bread 82 calorie 220 2g
Average White bread 100 cals 217 1.5g
Brown Rolls 94 cals 260 3g
Croissants 133 cals 360 19g
Crackerbread 17 Cals 325 2.8g
Crispbread 38 Cals 392 0.5g
Chapatis 160 cals 300 12g
Current bread 108 cals 290 12g
French bread 102 cals 270 2.5g
Granary bread 84 cals 240 2.7g
Soya & Linseed 110 cals 274 10g
Malt bread 130 cals 270 2.5g
Naan bread - 340 12g
Papadum - 370 17g
Pitta bread - 260 1g
Rye bread 83 cals 220 1.5g
Vitbe (wheatgerm) - 230 3g
White Rolls 106 cals 275 2.1g
Wholemeal bread 81 cals 216 2.5g
Wholemeal Rolls 91 cals 240 2.5g

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