Calories in Beans and Peas

In the table below I have listed the calories in beans and peas for your calorie counting pleasure. The calorie counts are for potions of 100g cooked. Thats right, i could only find calories for cooked beans and not raw, once you know how much actually makes 100g when its cooked then its easy to figure out the calories in beans afterwards.

Beans / Peas Calories Fat
Aduki Beans 120 0.3g
Baked Beans 80 0.5g
Beansprouts 30 0.5g
Black gram 90 0.5g
Black eye Beans 115 0.9g
Broad Beans 80 0.7g
Butter Beans 75 0.5g
Chick Peas 120 2g
Green Beans 25 0.2g
Lentils 103 0.4g
Mange-tout Peas 25 0.2g
Mung Beans 90 0.5g
Mushy Peas (canned) 80 1g
Processed Peas (canned) 100 1g
Red Kidney Beans 100 0.5g
Runner Beans 17 0.5g
Soya Beans 140 7g
Tofu Calories 73 17g

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  1. Scott says:

    Counting calories alone is not sufficient. The quality of what you eat is more important than the calories that you consume.

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