Calories in a Banana

The Calories in a Banana are not very high, ranging from 72 calories for a small banana to 121 calories for a large banana. Most of the calories in a banana come from carbohydrates. Naturally forming simple sugars and starch make up its carbohydrate content. Please note that the composition of the carbohydrate calories in a banana change on the age and ripening of the fruit. As it ripens, the sugar levels rise and the starch levels fall. This happens both on and off the tree. The lower starch levels mean that as the fruit gains more color and ripens, it gets easier for your body to digest.

The most popular use of bananas are for protein shakes.

Calories in a Banana

Protein levels in a banana are very low, making up about one percent of its total calorie content. The calories from fat are even less, accounting for less than one half percent.

The high points (other than the low calories) are that they are very low in any saturated fat. They have absolutely no cholesterol and are high in Potassium and dietary fiber. In terms of Vitamins, it is very high in Vitamins B6 and C. The one low point is that (as most fruits are) they are high in Sugar.

All in all, I would say have a banana at least once a day, as not only will it give you a boost, but it also contains a lot of Nutrients for a very low calorie cost.

Small (< six inches) 80g 18.5g 0.3g 72
Medium (< seven inches) 101g 23.1g 0.3g 90
Avg (< eight inches) 118g 27g 0.4g 105
Large (< nine inches) 136g 31.1g 0.4g 121


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  1. preety says:

    intresting and short and good info.


  2. Alice says:

    I have a smoothie almost every morning, and I used to include a whole banana. My health care provider cautioned me about consuming that much sugar. So, now when I do buy bananas, I cut them in half and freeze them — using only a half banana in my smoothie. Yumm. By the way, I recently learned that the combination of banana and whey protein in my smoothie is very good for fighting depression. An added bonus!

  3. Fatloss School says:

    Good advice Alice, I’ll give the whey protein idea a try! Although the calories in a banana are not too high, that sugar content can definitely catch you out.

  4. Brittany says:

    Does the weight of each banana include the skin or is it without the peel?

  5. Fatloss School says:

    Hi Brittany, the figures above are assuming the peel has been taken off. As a side note: the peel of a banana generally weighs between 12-20% of the total weight of the banana, depending on the shape and thickness of the skin.

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