Calories in Bagels

Bagels are a very popular choice for breakfast, and usually, a very high calorie breakfast. The first time i really got into eating bagels was after watching the O.C, in that, episode after episode all they had was bagels and a LOT of cream cheese. Unfortunately the calories in bagels are higher than your standard bread even when you consider just a simple plain bagel. The numbers get worse when you hit the other bagels. Have a look for yourself, Here’s the bagel calorie breakdown:

Bagels Serving Size Calories
Plain Bagel 3.5″ 195
Onion Bagel 3.5″ 195
Egg Bagel 3.5″ 200
Oatbran Bagel 3.5″ 150
Cinnamon & Raisin Bagel 3.5″ 195
Poppy Seed Bagel 3.5″ 195
Focaccia Bagel (Au Bon Pain) 1 320
Sesame Seed Bagel (Au Bon Pain) 1 340
Cinnamon Crisp Bagel (Au Bon Pain) 1 450
Dutch Apple Walnut (Au Bon Pain) 1 380
Jalapeno Cheddar Bagel (Au Bon Pain) 1 320
Honey 9 Grain Bagel (Au Bon Pain) 1 310

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