Calories in Bacon

I have listed the number of calories in bacon rashers in the table below. The values for bacon calories is per 100 grams (3.5 oz) as that is the usual measurement on this site. An average rasher of bacon weighs between 30-50 grams (1-2oz) depending upon the thickness of each product, so you can either way the individual rashers or just approximate.

To accurately measure bacon calories for individual portions simply weigh or estimate weight of cooked meat and find its value in table below then multiply that value by your portion weight in percentage. To keep calories low always trim the rind from bacon before grilling and soak up excess fat with clean kitchen roll after cooking.

Bacon Rashers 100 grams Calories
Back grilled 520
Middle grilled 510
Streaky grilled 535
Bacon rashers using 450
Collar joint with fat 310
Collar joint lean 190
Gammon joint with fat 270
Gammon joint lean 160
Gammon Rasher with fat 230
Gammon Rasher lean 170

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