Bodybuilding Meals on a Budget

The following is a cheap, fast, tasty and easy way to prepare multiple portions for high protein, low calorie meals that are very effective as nutrition for those wanting to gain muscle and lose fat.

One easy meal for high protein is grilled chicken and vegetables. All you need for this is a grill. Start by placing frozen vegetables on tin foil. Then cook them.. duh. I guess if you can’t do the rest of this you’ve probably died of starvation by now.

Some people claim that fresh vegetables are healthier than frozen ones, but this isn’t always the case. With frozen vegetables, farmers can freeze them at their maximum ripeness. They then retain all their vitamins until you cook them. However, with fresh vegetables, they are picked early so as to look their best on the supermarket shelves at the time of delivery. This means you are not necessarily eating them at their best.

Another easy meal is to combine frozen vegetables with egg whites in a frying pan. If you like you can include one egg yolk for flavor, but try to limit the amount of yolks you eat, as they don’t contain nearly as much protein per calorie as the egg white. (Let’s face it, egg whites with frozen vegetables in a pan is stretching the “tasty” part of this diet, based on my personal experience).

You can also combine tinned tuna, sweetcorn, high protein yoghurt and paprika and spread this on rye bread. (Again, absolutely revolting unless you’re dedicated to your diet – good luck with this one).

For breakfast, try rolled oats with either low fat milk or high protein yoghurt, in combination with your selection of fruit. Surprisingly, this actually tastes quite nice.

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