All Calories Are Not Created Equally

Evidence is gathering at an increasing pace for the destruction of old calorie counting diets. When reading nutrition labels, it seems that comparing calorific content is not particularly meaningful, without further information about the substance in question – i.e. 100 calories from a chocolate bar is not the same as 100 calories from celery.

This seems to destroy any diet that limits daily calorie intake, such as the old rule about 2000 kcal for men and 1500 kcal for women. So with that model out the window, what exactly should you be counting in your diet? It turns out that the combination of foods that we consume is just as (or even more) important as the individual constituents. Your metabolic rate is affected by how you mix and match your meals – which introduces a whole new level of complexity. This ties in well with what your grandmother used to say about having as many different colors as possible on your plate.

Combining your foods correctly has a great advantage over mainstream portion control diets, in that this method does not slow down your metabolism. Usually when people want to lose weight they reduce their intake in terms of size and not quality of food. This results in a slower metabolic burn rate, which in turn increases hunger – making any resultant weight loss difficult to maintain. However, if the types and combinations of foods are altered but the quantity remains the same, then you won’t feel the urge to snack.

So what foods should you combine with one another for the most effective weight loss? Keep carbs to a minimum, but don’t cut them out completely – especially in the morning. Combine this low amount of carbs with a relatively large helping of protein. Between meals, have different fruits and vegetables, as well as the occasional nuts and grains. This will keep your insulin levels from spiking and make your road to weight loss less painful and more effective.

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