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The Adonis Effect seeks to put forth something beyond the usual in the niche of muscle building. Conceived by Brad Howard in collaboration with other popular fitness experts and published authors like John Barban and Brad Pilon, Adonis Effect by Brad Howard that training should be done with a view to develop a particular kind of physique that is attractive and not just for the sake of bulking-up.

Understanding the Adonis Effect
This exercising program is based on the theory that most women are attracted towards a certain kind of body shape and thus, the fitness goal of guys in the gym should be to attain that particular kind of body form which essentially means gaining muscle in a rather specific manner along with losing weight in other parts of the body. This theory is based on many research studies which suggest that there are certain specific shoulder measurements along with shoulder-waist ratios that are ideally suited for the height of an individual. Thus, the title ‘Adonis Effect’ aptly seeks to develop the kind of body that would be able to attract women. This ratio is referred to as the golden ratio and Adonis Effect by Brad Howard tells you how to achieve this by blending diet controls along with exercise programs that is further customized to suit each body shape.

Who are the brains behind the Adonis Effect?
All the contributors to Adonis Effect are established names in the niche of fitness training and muscle-building/dieting. Brad Howard has authored the largely successful title, ‘Fat Loss Black Book’ that seeks to dispel all the myths that have been created about diet and fitness by overtly aggressive marketing campaigns. On the other hand, John Barban is a fitness expert, having a certification in Strength & Conditioning and has experience as a conditioning coach. He is now a successful entrepreneur in the fitness niche itself apart from being credited with creating many successful types of sports supplements. He has worked for some of the largest brands in the nutritional supplements segment. Brad Pilon himself is a nutrition expert and boasts of nearly seven years of experience in the competitive supplement industry. Brad also has a master’s degree in Human Nutrition apart from being a certified Strength and Conditioning specialist. He has also authored many famous titles in this niche such as ‘Eat Stop Eat’ and the popular, ‘How Much Protein’.

What are the appreciable features of Adonis Effect?
Adonis Effect directly engages your attention towards a basic reason for exercising that many other fitness manuals have tried to avoid, i.e. many men exercise for the purpose of making themselves more attractive to the opposite sex and are not into fitness training for the sole purpose of being healthy and fitter. This means that Adonis Effect is one of the very few fitness guidance books that provide information about developing a more attractive body rather than merely telling you how to increase your muscle mass. Adonis Effect indirectly preaches that gaining mass isn’t the only way to look better since the bulky look might not equal all the parameters of physical attraction. Perhaps, the most impressive aspect of the Adonis Effect is the great deal of customization or personalized training freedom that it provides. Nutrition too is divided into several phases, i.e. there are nine programs of nutrition, each about 12-week long that cover nearly every height-to-waist ratio. Similarly, the exercise routines have been conceptualized to address different types of shoulder-to-waist ratios. In this niche, exercisers can choose across three separate programs, each being a 12-week schedule. The Adonis Effect provides many types of additional information, particularly about the negative influence of marketing bodybuilding that has affected the fitness industry, the manner in which supplements are being peddled and the generally incorrect exercise information that circulates across the web today.

What isn’t impressive about the Adonis Effect?
The Adonis Effect comes across as a complete information provider. It doesn’t leave out anything significant that can be counted as a negative. However, the concept of the book and its philosophy might be a bit unconventional for some folks as not every guy is actually seeking an Adonis-like physique. Many people exercise purely for the sake of developing more muscle or defining their body in a way that they deem is beautiful. This creates a downside—the concept of Adonis Effect has been designed only for males and too those with a particular mindset, i.e. being more attractive for the average female.

Is the Adonis Effect exercise program effective?
Yes, the Adonis Effect does make a lot of sense and is definitely helpful for those who are seeking to develop a more attractive, contemporary and thus, leaner and muscled body. It combines the ethics of most diet and exercise programs and chooses the best features to create a rather useful training information-provider. Unlike most of the present-day exercising manuals, it allows a lot of liberty via customization options.

Who should try the Adonis Effect?
The Adonis Effect seeks to engage a particular kind of gym-going crowd, i.e. men who are seeking to gain muscle in a way that enhances their physical appearance in a major way. This is not meant for your average exerciser or for females or those seeking to lose a few pounds. It is based on the concepts of the ideal body types and preaches about working-out seriously to attain the same.

All those men who are ready to work hard towards the goal of making themselves more engaging for females and those who yearn for the perfect body, i.e. as defined by the science behind physical attractiveness between men and women, Adonis Effect is just about perfect. Even if you aren’t very serious about getting an Adonis-like physique, the general wisdom and fitness tips make Adonis Effect a worthy contender for your personal collection.

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