400 Calorie Meals

If there’s anything that true about weight (or fat) loss, it is that no matter how much exercise you do, you cannot lose as much fat as you would like especially if you are on an unhealthy diet. In this tussle between Diet and Exercise, what, when and how much you eat always wins out, and so portion control as well as keeping track on the calorie amount on a daily basis is always a sure shot way to lose weight successfully, and keep it that way.

So what’s the solution, you might ask?

While there are a slew of diets that you can opt for, one such approach that has shown success over the past few years is sticking to 400 calorie meals. And just before you assume that it is another strict, rigid and boring routine that you have to keep track off while not being able to eat what you want, think again.

According to experts, the idea of following the 400 calorie meal diet is said to bring about effortless weight loss, and there are a host of ideas that are available for you to try. (Read the article at this link for some interesting 400 calorie meal ideas for all.)

What makes these meal plans so unique is that each meal consists of about 380-420 calories each which is said to be the ideal amount per meal whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. So, the biggest advantage of following a diet such as this is that you will be able to enjoy a decent amount of variety as opposed to the other types that have been made popular over the years.

But also keep in mind that you have to work out every now and then…

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