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chefknifeIn my view, there are five main items any kitchen cannot do without. One of those must-have items, is the classic 8inch Chef’s knife. Unfortunately, getting your hands on a good chef’s knife, can be a very expensive business with good chef’s knives costing between $100-$200. Recently I came across a  post in the Cool Tools Weblog recently spoke about a $27 dollar chef’s knife worth taking a look at, and I though it was a good deal that had to be talked about:

A really great chef knife will be insanely sharp, yet retain its edge easily, and be well balanced and welcoming to hold. These days a decent high-grade chef knife can cost between $100-$200. Several cooking publications (including Cook’s Illustrated) recently identified a bargain $27 chef knife that in their tests rated just about as good as the $100 plus knives. This is the one we use.

Cook’s Illustrated is this fantastic ad-free cooking magazine that conducts tests and reviews everything they write about, from the best way to prepare a certain recipe to the best kitchen equipment, and when they say that the Victorinox knife rated nearly as high as the $100+ chef’s knives, that’s saying something.

You can find the Victorinox 40520 Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife
at Amazon

In the interests of full disclosure, there is no affiliate code on the Amazon link above, so i will not be making any money out of this.

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