3 Day Workout

Here is a sample 3 day workout that you can try out, i did it a long time ago and it worked for me so i decided to publish so that someone else who is just starting out can use this as a base for their own workout.

During the first day of the 3 day workout you should train your chest, back and abs. Do between 12 and 15 reps on each set, for a total of three sets. The exercises you should be doing during the first day are stiff legged barbell with dead lift, inclining the dumbbell press, bent over barbell row, barbell bench press, crunches and dumbbell flies.

For the second day, train the shoulders and the legs. Again, do between 12 and 15 reps during each of the three sets. The exercises during the second day of the 3 day workout are seated calf raises, lunges, barbell squats, side lateral raises, front dumbbell raises and upright barbell rows.

The third day of the 3 day workout should train the triceps, biceps and abs. The number of sets and reps are the same as before. During the third day you should be doing crunches, dumbbell hammer curls, front dumbbell raises, barbell tricps extensions, lying triceps presses, dumbbell curl inclines and barbell curls.

You should be eating some carbohydrates and proteins one hour before you start working out. This way, your body will have plenty of energy to spend during the workout. Having plenty of energy during the workout means that it’s going to go into an anabolic state, which gives you plenty of energy for your muscles to work effectively.

The muscles get more blood flow to them when they are trained. If your body gets carbohydrates and proteins before you work them out, the body will use that extra blood for the muscles, which get worked out more efficiently.

When you’re trying to get more carbohydrates and proteins in your body before a workout, one idea is to eat a bowl with rice and maybe a protein shake. That’s not written in stone though, as you can pick any food you want.

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