3 Benefits of Eating Slowly

We live a life that is so fast paced that we end up running through our meals. A lot of people have actually told me to eat slowly and not to rush through my meals and there are many benefits to that. It turns out they were right. Here are three benefits of eating slowly.

1. Weight Loss

If you eat slower, you will eat less and by virtue of that you will end up consuming less calories. There’s a lot of research to support this but the primary reason is that it takes our brain 20 whole minutes to register that we are full. Ever felt like you’ve eaten too much? It’s probably because you ate too quickly and actually became full long before you stopped eating. Eat slowly and you could lose upto 15 extra pounds in a year that you might not have.

2. Better digestion.

The only way to effectively eat slower is to chew your food for longer. Now I’ve seen recommendations that you take 60 seconds to chew each mouthful but at the very least take longer to chew your food and that will eventually lead you to better digestion. If you have a sensitive stomach this might ease things through.

3. Slow down the pace

Even at the best of times we live pretty fast paced lives. Wake up. Eat Breakfast. Go to work. So on and so forth. The breakneck pace of our day means that we rush through our meals, because unless you are dining out, eating becomes something you have to do and not something you want to do. So then we multitask, we eat while reading or watching tv and because of that we end up eating faster and more. Give the respect your food deserves and you will notice the benefits.

Personally speaking, number 3 is the worst for me. I spend a lot of time eating while watching a tv show and its something that i have stopped doing now.

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